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  • Nozzle Kit

    Nozzle Kit

    99.00 USD

    Hard Stainless steel hotend’s Nozzle kit for all type of filament

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  • Bead thermistor 500°C

    Bead thermistor 500°C

    16.00 USD

    Highly specialized 3d printer thermistor which can read temperatures up to 500

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  • Bowden Kit

    Bowden Kit

    5.00 USD

    PTFE tubing and M8 Pushfit adapter for your Hotend

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  • Fan 12V/24V DC

    Fan 12V/24V DC

    6.00 USD

    25mm 12V and 24V Fan

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  • Heater Cartridge 12VDC/24VDC

    Heater Cartridge 12VDC/24VDC

    6.00 USD

    Heater Cartridge 12v  45W and 24v 60W

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  • PTFE tube 4mm X 2mm

    PTFE tube 4mm X 2mm

    0.50 USD

    PTFE Tubing for 3D Printer and Dyze Design’s Hotend.

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  • Sealing Washers kit

    Sealing Washers kit

    3.00 USD

    Sealing washers for hotend nozzles

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  • Sentinel™ Cable Daisy Chain

    Sentinel™ Cable Daisy Chain

    4.00 USD

    Special cable to connect multiple Sentinels together.

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  • Sentinel™ Cable Long 1m

    Sentinel™ Cable Long 1m

    4.00 USD

    Long cable (1 meter) to connect Dyze Design’s Filament Sentinel.

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    4.00 USD

    DyzEnd-X Hotend Adaptor for PT100 sensor

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