3d Printing Speed Calculator


Our 3d printing speed calculator lets you find the maximum print speed that you can achieve with your current 3d printer configuration.

Simply enter your nozzle size, line width, layer height and choose the material you’ll be printing.

About this calculator

This calculator is designed to help 3d printer users find problems with printer configuration or find the optimal parameters for the desired speed.

The calculator was primarily created for DyzEnd Pro users, hence we can’t guarantee 100% reliability for other 3d printer hotends and extruders. However, results from our calculator are still useful to all 3D printer users.

Also, note that this result is not a definitive answer to whether or not your printer can handle a given max printing speed. Additional variables such as temperature and external factors (i.e friction on filament) can also have significant impacts on maximum speeds. Use this calculator only as a guide when modifying your configuration.

This calculator was inspired by a previous blog series entitled Printing at 300 mm/s (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3).