Zephyr™ High Flow Extruder

Revolutionizing High-Speed 3D Printing

Zephyr High Flow Extruder

Welcome to a new era of additive manufacturing, where excellence in extrusion technology meets savings in time and money. Dive into the next generation of 3D printing with the Zephyr™ extrusion system, boasting one of the highest volumetric flow rates on the market for 1.75mm filament.

At the heart of Zephyr™ lies the unique MeltCore™ technology, designed to ensure consistent melting and faster flow rates, enhancing the overall printing efficiency. Its lightweight design, coupled with advanced features like dual independent heaters, filament tension adjustment and double grip mechanism, enables Zephyr™ to deliver unmatched performance. By optimizing the extrusion efficiency, Zephyr™ not only saves time but also reduces operational costs, making it an indispensable tool for those seeking to maximize productivity and cost-effectiveness.

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Side section view of the Zephyr™ High Flow Extruder, showcasing its compact design, advanced cooling system, and precision components for high-performance 3D printing.
Close-up bottom view of Zephyr™ High Flow Extruder's nozzle, highlighting its precision engineering and robust construction for high-performance 3D printing
Top view of the Zephyr™ High Flow Extruder, focusing on the filament tension adjustment mechanism and high-quality construction for precise 3D printing.
Side view of the Zephyr™ High Flow Extruder's heatsink, highlighting its robust cooling system and high-quality engineering for optimal 3D printing performance.

Unmatched High-Flow Performance

Achieve high-speed 3D printing without sacrificing quality

The Zephyr™ High Flow Extruder sets a new standard in 3D printing. With a volumetric flow rate of 685 grams per hour (154 mm³/s) for 1.75mm filament, it offers unparalleled efficiency and speed, making it one of the fastest extruders on the market.

With a maximum heating temperature of 500°C, Zephyr™ can handle high-temperature materials such as PEEK and PEI. This expands the range of possible applications, making it a versatile tool for advanced printing needs.

Superior Quality and Performance

Say Goodbye to Extrusion Challenges

Zephyr™ High Flow Extruder enhances 3D printing by delivering consistent extrusion performance. This ensures that the material is evenly fed, resulting in dependable and high-quality prints. Enjoy superior results without the need for constant adjustments or reprints. Zephyr™ streamlines the printing process, saving time and boosting productivity.

Double Grip Mechanism

The innovative double grip technology enhances filament traction, reducing slippage and improving feeding accuracy, crucial for consistent extrusion and print quality.

Filament Tension Adjustment

The system's filament tension adjustment feature, with nine settings, accommodates everything from flexible to oversized filaments, ensuring optimal extrusion for each material type.

Precision Gear Ratio

With a 3.1:1 gear ratio, the system provides a perfect balance between speed and torque, accommodating a wide range of printing needs.

Dual Independent Heaters

Two independent 70W heaters enable precise temperature control and faster heat-up times, ensuring optimal extrusion conditions for each material type.

Seamless Integration

Optimize Your 3D Printing Process

The Zephyr™ High Flow Extruder offers unmatched adaptability and precision. With a lightweight design, versatile nozzle options, and universal material compatibility, it seamlessly integrates into any printing environment. Whether you’re working on detailed prints or high-speed production, Zephyr™ adapts to your needs, enhancing efficiency and performance.

Lightweight Design

Weighing in at less than 700g, the Zephyr™ system offers unparalleled portability and ease of installation, making it ideal for various operational environments without compromising performance.

Versatile Nozzle Options

With nozzle sizes ranging from 0.4mm to 1.8mm, Zephyr™ is adaptable for detailed prints or rapid throughput, ensuring versatility across various printing tasks.

Universal Material Compatibility

Zephyr™ is designed to work with all printable materials, including elastomers, high-temperature polymers, and standard filaments, making it a versatile choice for any printing project.

Easy Maintenance

Designed with user experience in mind, Zephyr™ offers easy access to its internal components for maintenance and cleaning, ensuring long-term reliability and performance consistency.

Innovative MeltCore™ Technology

At the core of Zephyr™ is our revolutionary MeltCore™ technology. This ensures consistent melting and faster flow rates, enhancing overall printing efficiency. The advanced dual independent heaters and PT100 sensors provide precise temperature control, essential for high-quality prints.

Close-up view of Zephyr™ High Flow Extruder's advanced nozzle and MeltCore™ technology, showcasing the precision engineering and durable components designed for high-performance 3D printing

Technical Information

Dimensions47.3mm x 107.7mm x 154.5mm
Flow Rate (Output Flow)*685g per hour
154 mm3/s
Nozzle Sizes0.4mm, 0.6mm, 0.9mm, 1.2mm, 1.8mm
Max Environment Temperature-10°C ~ 60°C
Max Operating TemperatureUp to 500°C
Compatible Material

All printable filament materials.

1.75mm diameter.

*Maximum flow rate with PLA @ 260°C with 1.80 mm nozzle.

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