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  • Alucore Replacement

    Alucore Replacement

    8.00 USD13.00 USD

    Alucore Replacement Part for DyzEnd-X and DyzEnd Pro Hotends.

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  • DyzEnd Top Cap

    DyzEnd Top Cap

    5.00 USD

    DyzEnd-X / DyzEnd Pro Top Cap (PTFE and Filament Guide)

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  • DyzeXtruder GT Motor

    DyzeXtruder GT Motor

    20.00 USD

    Motor replacement for DyzeXtruder GT extruder.

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  • Heat Block replacement

    Heat Block replacement

    8.00 USD30.00 USD

    DyzEnd-X Hotend Replacement Part. Used to replace the hot break.

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  • Heat Break Replacement

    Heat Break Replacement

    10.00 USD20.00 USD

    Heat Break Replacement Part for DyzEND-X and DyzEnd Pro Hotends.

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  • High Temperature Tubing 9.53 OD / 7.94 OD

    High Temperature Tubing 9.53 OD / 7.94 OD

    8.00 USD

    Tube for Dyze Design water cooling blocks

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  • Sealing Washers kit

    Sealing Washers kit

    3.00 USD

    Sealing washers for hotend nozzles

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