About Dyze Design

Dyze Design Team

DYZE DESIGN is a passionate team working to develop the best parts, components, and accessories for your 3D printer.

We focus on the development of innovation in the world of 3D printing.

Our strength is designing parts that undergo rigorous testing in order to provide our clients quality products.

DYZE DESIGN was born because of a lack of innovation and optimization of the market for 3D printers.

Management Team

Jean-Sebastien Carrier

Chief Executive Officer

World traveler, casual rock climber, gamer and expert in computer algorithms.

Philippe Carrier

Chief Research Officer

Drummer, gamer, and 3D Printers Lover.

Maxence Gelinas-Guy

Chief Operating Officer

Core Gamer, Passionate about handy work and dreams of 3D printers.

Simon Duchaine

Chief Marketing Officer

World Traveler, Homebrewer, Angler and Outdoor Enthusiast. Passionate about his work. Even has his own blog.