Comparison between temperature sensors used in 3D printers – Part 1

This post will help you understand the differences and the operation of most common temperature sensors used in 3D Printing. Each type of sensor has many key performance aspects and the goal of this topic is to compare them in details. Part 1 will explain the most common sensor […]
Logo REAL2016

DYZE DESIGN at the REAL2016: thanks to LOJIQ

It is with a lot of enthusiasm that DYZE DESIGN will pursue its 3D printing world’s conquest stopping by San Francisco city, California, next March, for the REAL2016! This unique event gathers under the same roof amateurs, companies and experts […]

Accelerateur National Bank’s Grand Prize Winners

DYZE DESIGN is proud to have recently won the National Bank’s Accelerateur contest organized by the former dragon and experienced Quebecois entrepreneur Alexandre Taillefer, for his documentary tv show Alexandre et les conquérants on Ici Explora. DYZE DESIGN stood out from […]