ENP Water Blocks for 3D Printers

ENP Water Blocks for 3D Printers

Water cooling a 3D printer is an excellent solution for performance, stability, and high-temperature enclosed chambers. We’ve been supporting water cooling solutions since our beginning and it was time for an update. These improvements are based on users reviews and comments. You will see below a list of new features and explanations, plus some questions we frequently have regarding a cooling solution.

New features

Electroless Nickel Plating

This plating will ensure a proper protection for your liquid cooling system and prevent any galvanic corrosion. You probably have seen this plating everywhere in 3D printing, it has good lubricity, wear resistance, look and corrosion resistance. The reason why it was chosen over anodizing is that the holes are evenly plated. This ensures no galvanic corrosion can happen due to a part of aluminum touching the liquid.

Configurable connections

Configure your input and output orientation using the provided M8 fittings. This will make your tube management a lot easier.

Configurable Tube Size

Choose your barbs’ size and use the best tube size for your 3D Printer. Our fittings are designed to maximize the flow while having a small form factor. They have the same Electroless Nickel plating as the blocks. The o-ring ensures a proper sealing.

Any NEMA17 Motor

Cool any of your motors using our block. The hole pattern is the same as the steppers. Heat will quickly travel through the back bell, the stator steel laminations up to the front bell without any trouble.


Frequently asked questions

Isn't it heavy to move the block, tubes, and water?
The blocks are made from aluminum and are pretty light. Also, the quantity of water is very very small, so the added mass is pretty negligible compared to the stepper motor and other components. Remember that water is around 3 times less dense than aluminum.

What do I need to use your water cooling solutions?
You’ll need the following items to get a fully working water cooling system:

  • Pump
  • Reservoir
  • Radiator
  • Fan

These can also be bought as a kit, you may want to take a look at the two following options:

MasterLiquid Lite 120

Swiftech MCR140-X Drive

Can I use the motor block with any motor
Any NEMA17 motor will work. Make sure you have longer screws to replace the ones you are removing.
Can I use the DyzEnd block with any hotend
Sadly, this block has been designed for the DyzEnd-X in particular and hasn’t been tested on other types of hotends.

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