Meet Typhoon™ Extruder

Higher Flow Rate.
Faster Printing.

Typhoon™ is described as high flow and fast print all-in-one extruder toolhead specifically designed for industrial large-scale 3d printers. This print head is designed to extrude 2.85mm filament, is compatible with standard firmware and is capable of outputting a flow around 200mm³/s (0.9 kg/h). This means quicker print at a high deposit rate.

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Heatcore Size


Welcome to the Industrial 3D Printing Era

Super High Flow

The Typhoon™ extruder can output 200 mm³/s (0.9kg/h), one of the highest flow rate for 2.85mm filament.


Quad Pinch System

The quad pinch system is a four-point contact with the filament. This extreme grip ensures no slipping ever occurs. Any type filament can go through this mechanism, even very soft and flexibles ones.


Dual Heating Zone

The dual heat zone design ensures the polymer is at a constant temperature. The top section receives cold filament and generates more heat to melt the polymer. Then, the bottom zone ensures that the polymer is at a precise temperature to output an even flow.

Precise PT100 temperature sensors

Precise Temperature

The two PT100 sensors are class A, high precision sensors. The circuit has been designed to use the best resolution between 0°C and 500°C.

Super Strong Heat Transition Tube

The new transition tube design takes the full advantage of titanium low thermal conductivity plus the rigidity of a large tube. The machining is highly complex and done by a specialized manufacturer.

Quick Nozzle Change

Each nozzle can be switched easily with a few knob turns. The taper assembly ensures solid contact with the housing.

Typhoon Quick Filament Change Feature

Easy Filament Swap

The top lever moves all driving mechanisms away from the filament, allowing filament switching in just a second.

Typhoon Nema23 Stepper Motor

Strong NEMA23 Motor

The NEMA23 motor can handle high flow without a sweat. The driving system is able to push as much as 20 kg.

Typhoon mounted on a printer with liquid cooling tubes

Hot Environment Ready

The Typhoon™ is ready for any environmental conditions. The water-cooling loop ensures the whole system is at a constant temperature. With an additional heat shield, the Typhoon can handle 200°C environment.

Typhoon Steel Nozzle

Tool Steel Nozzle

The super abrasive resistant steel nozzle avoid any change in nozzle size and height during large prints with abrasive filaments.

Typhoon Full Metal Body

Ultra Rugged

The all-metal frame is made from aluminum alloy and is designed to withstand high stresses in tough conditions.

Typhoon is designed with 3.21: 1 Metal Gears

4.6: 1 Metal Gears

The gears are made from alloys steel and are heat treated for long useful life. Each gear is mounted on strong ball bearings, reducing friction losses and smoothing operation.

Print any plastics

The Typhoon™ is able to print every single type of 2.85mm plastic filaments currently sold on the market

  • PLA
  • ABS
  • TPE
  • TPU
  • PVA
  • HIPS
  • PC
  • PET
  • PETG
  • PEEK
  • PEI
  • Metal Powder Filled
  • Wood Filled
  • Carbon Fiber Filled

Technical Information










Weight ~1750 g
Filament size 2.85 mm
Maximum output flow 200 mm3/s
Max printing temperature 500 °C
Max environment temperature 100 °C
Available nozzle sizes 0.60
Total height 224 mm
Heating power 400 W