How to clean my DyzEnd or DyzEnd-X Hotend ?

DyzEnd and DyzEnd-X are very easy to clean and takes only a few minutes.

It is very important to keep the sealing junction clean to avoid any leaks. After each nozzle change, make sure the entire inside is clean. If it is not the case, please follow these few steps to clean it.

Cleaning the nozzle

The sealing washer should always stay stuck in place inside the nozzle.

The washer must be clear from plastics. Remove the excess plastic.

If you removed the washer while cleaning the nozzle, it is strongly recommended to tighten the nozzle while it is hot for the first time. Hard plastic under the washer will raise it and won’t provide any sealing once melted.

Cleaning the thermal barrier tube

After you remove your nozzle, take a look at the bottom of the heatblock. If your thermal barrier tube is black and dirty, it will need cleaning.

There are few effective ways to clean it. The surface must be flat and without scratches, make sure to use the proper tools.

Use a fine file

Use an utility knife

Use fine sandpaper

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